The focus of programming at Colusa County CAPC is Prevention!  Our team sees the importance of being at the forefront and supporting what is currently in place to build new systems that assist families and help bring them from a state of Surviving to a state of Thriving.  We are advocates for community members, families, and children.  We are dedicated to connecting families with valuable resources and supports.  Please see below, some of our direct programming and a link to our Family Resource Center website for further information and for enrollment information for specific programs.


Our agency prides itself on the vast connectivity of community members to valuable resources that are available to them.  If our agency is unable to personally assist with an issue, we offer direct contact with an actual person who can help in one of our partner agency sites.  We value giving people information that is helpful, warm, and unique to their specific needs and will rise to the challenge to offer support.

Each of our programs that are implemented out of the Colusa County CAPC Family Resource Center are built to meet needs of families based on the Five Protective Factors.  The Factors are: Parental Resilience, Concrete Support in Times of Need, Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development, Social & Emotional Competency of Children, and Social Connections.

Please visit the Colusa County CAPC Family Resource Center website for a more comprehensive list of services provided at our site, with detailed information on current status and enrollment opportunities.


As part of our mission, the Colusa County CAPC is dedicated to forming strong collaboration and partnerships with agencies serving families in our communities.  We have a strong group of various agencies that meet regularly, twice per year called the Strengthening Community Collaborative.  This group has representation from various agencies and parents alike, as we value the feedback of parents in our local communities.  If you are interested in joining us at our next Collaborative Meeting, please contact us for further information!



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