Open your Heart

and Share Your Home,

Become a Colusa County Resource Family

Colusa County has a need for resource families living within the County.  Opening your home to a child in need can be very rewarding.  Training, support, and many resources are available on an on-going basis for resource families.  If you are considering this option for your family, contact us to get proper resources to help make your decision suit your family's needs.  
Colusa County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) is rolling out the new Resource Family Approval (RFA) process, certifying Resource Families in Colusa County.
For any questions or an information packet about the RFA process, please call the the CAPC Office at 458-7678.  Open your home and heart to a child in need!


Resource Family Approval

Check back for updated information within Colusa County

Community Advocates for Parents and Children (CAPC)                  131 5th St, Colusa, CA 95932                     530.458.7678