Our Vision

Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents & Children (CAPC) is the designated Child Abuse Prevention Council of Colusa County.  We are a local non-profit organization serving families in Colusa County by collaborating with other local entities to prevent child abuse.


It is the mission of this council that we live in a community where children are valued, nurtured, and protected and will reach their full potential; where high functioning families provide an environment that allows to thrive.  Where agencies throughout the community will collaborate to provide services to children and families and support them toward achieving their goals.

Every Child



Safe, Nurturing,




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Board of Directors

Sarah Regnani -  Colusa County Probation Department Counselor

CAPC Chairperson 

Donna Dennis - Colusa County Health & Human Services -  CAPC Treasurer

Marisa Apaseo - Colusa County One Stop Partnership - CAPC Secretary

Bonnie Davies - Colusa County Health & Human Services Director of Nursing

Barbara Hankins - Colusa Unified School District School Nurse, PHN

Leanne Knutson - Colusa County Sheriff's Office, D.A.R.E.

Patricia Barba - Colusa County Office of Education Prevention Services Coordinator

John Contreras - Colusa County Child Support


Ed Anderson - Williams Police Department


Carissa Bowers - CAPC Program Manager


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The Colusa County

Child Abuse Prevention Council

is a non-profit 501c3 in good standing with all respective State and Federal agencies.  All donations are tax deductible and 

extremely appreciated!

Our Funding

Community Advocates for Parents and Children receives funding from a variety of sources.  The main source of funding for the Council currently comes from the Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) through the California Department of Social Services. This funding comes from both State and Federal sources and supports many of the Council's activities.  The Council also relies on grants from Foundations and local sources to support targeted projects.

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Community Advocates for Parents and Children (CAPC)                  131 5th St, Colusa, CA 95932                     530.458.7678                            colusacapc@yahoo.com